The Stranger – Conclusion

After turning on the faucet, I cup the water in my hands and bend over the sink to enjoy the soothing splash of cold water against my face. I feel the wrinkles that have been sketching my face for the last several years. My hands are still shaking and I find myself looking at the mirror above my sink to examine my face. “Of course it’s you. Were you expecting someone else?” I ask myself. I walk back to bed, and my head caresses my pillow as I try to fall asleep. I need to rest. I don’t want to miss my appointment in the morning.

The morning comes as it always does and I wake up with a haze that surrounds my head like a dark cloud. I remember the night I had and the thought of it slows me down as I prepare to get to my morning appointment. “You have to go make the donuts,” I tell myself as I usually do to hurry myself along. I hate to rush and am grateful that the Brooklyn traffic this Monday morning is surprisingly light. I’ll be punctual for my morning appointment. When I arrive at the clinic, I walk straight to the office that I’ve been coming to for the last several years. I open the door, step into the foyer where the waiting room is and see the assistant filling several charts in cabinets. I feel comforted by the familiarity of her presence.

She smiles at me and says, “good morning… you’re just in time for your morning appointment.” She motions towards the doctor’s office and says, “The door is open. You can walk right in.” “Thanks,” I respond. “I hate being late.” I walk into the room and sure ‘nuff, the doctor is sitting in his chair, behind his desk, waiting for me. He smiles and motions for me to come in and sit down on the couch opposite his chair. I notice a pair of dark glasses on his desk, next to his notepad and pen. “Good morning, Mr. Black. It’s good to see you this morning. How are things?” he asks me. “I had one humdinger of a dream last night, Dr. Wayne… you’re not going to believe me when I tell you.”

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